Don’t Tell Fr. James Martin

Transhumanism made flesh.

Jennifer Bilek is a feminist and investigative journalist. She has investigated the connections between the Trans movements of our time.

Once we open the door to accepting vast changes to human biology, that undermine the very definition of what it means to be human as a sexually dimorphic species, we have opened up a Pandora’s box for melding humans with technology and AI. Transgenderism is, as the famous self- identifying-transgendered, transhumanist, Martine Rothblatt posits, “the onramp to the transcendence of fleshism.”  Rothblatt states, “people who refuse to be labeled as male or female are the pioneers of seeing humanity as not being limited by any particular substrate, such as flesh.

… We have reached the 11th hour.  We need to decide if we will let go of our humanity in exchange for an elusive, illusive idea of a techno-utopia where we won’t die and we can cure, have and be everything we desire with technology – or, will we cleave to what is left of our humanity as technophilic elites invested in pharma, tech, AI, gene splicing, organ transplants, and genetic modifications that take us well beyond the realm of human, fight to extract it from us through the process of capital-driven colonization.  — Jennifer Bilek

She has written for First Things Magazine and lives in New York City.  Her blog is found here

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