Being and Bunk.

Apropos of everything: Because Heidegger forsook his early roots in Thomistic [objective] Christian philosophy, the unapologetic Nazi who enjoyed philosophy was forced to create a new and eccentric philosophical superstructure [undecipherable and irrelevant to most human beings] to dodge the consequent existential void.

It was necessary because his system toppled the Holy Trinity and so he had now to beg the question of being, which Christianity grounds in the revelation of God in Christ, and which alone includes and explains all [Jn. 1:1-14:14:6.]. *

Heidegger’s famous “intentional perception,” in the final analysis, is scarcely different then from a dog sniffing it’s way from inexplicable object to object.


* Existence and the Word

I am therefore I think

From Creation and Family to the Petri Dish