Our Disabled Son Jeremy Has Been on a Feeding Tube Since the Summer

UPDATED. Jeremy had a very hard summer and Autumn. Sepsis, pneumonia, UTIs… He has been totally disabled since 2006 due to a brain trauma. Today Jeremy cannot eat anything by mouth due to an inability to swallow foods or liquids, extreme Dysphagia, which developed in late July. Yet his Faith in Christ remains profound and he consciously offers his suffering for all through the Cross of Christ. He constantly tells us not to worry. Imagine. He has, despite it all, been feeling better in recent days for which we are grateful and we hope this continues.


If you could find it in your heart to remember him at Mass occasionally it would be greatly appreciated by his loving mother (herself disabled) and myself. — SH

Catholic Social Teaching and Living with Disability

“A just society stands with people with disabilities (solidarity) and offers them with the same opportunities and respects their equality with all people, it allows them to make their own decisions in relation to their own needs, relationships and communities (subsidiarity) and does not unduly delegate their decision making power to higher authorities and governing bodies.”

Disability rights group speaks out against euthanasia proposal:

“Professor Doyal recalls the ‘Nazi murder’ of incompetent children and adults in the past but in fact his own proposals are exactly the same. He claims that his motivation for killing incompetent people is ‘compassion’ but simultaneously says: ‘in the context of the national shortage of expert palliative care for competent patients’ what would be the moral point in expending such valuable resources on severely incompetent patients whose best interest will be served by a quick and painless death? “He questions the sincerity of those who oppose medical killing on grounds including that of the ‘slippery slope’ and states ‘Religious belief often fuels such dogma’ as if only religious people oppose euthanasia. This is by no means the case.

Jeremy. November 2022.

“Professor Doyal says: ‘It follows that such withdrawals [of life sustaining treatment including assisted food and fluids] are predicated on the judgement that death is a moral good for such patients. Since this is so there can be nothing morally wrong, and there should be nothing legally wrong, with intending actions or inactions which bring about this moral good.’ “This is tantamount to incitement to murder disabled people.”

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