Somewhere Over The 🌈 Revolution

There is no mystery here, in my opinion. The entire hegemonic rainbow movement, it appears evident to me, is obviously being engineered and funded by corporate powers in Western nations, powers which extort and control politicians and governments with a view to creating a one world government; a one world government with almost entirely new, previously unheard of “values”. It is used as a battering ram against the traditional family especially, and traditional values. And both the military and total surveillance will eventually, if present elites have their way, be used for enforcement. Dissent from this globalist program is already considered “hate”.

It is true also of exposing children to ubiquitous pornography. What is permitted by the powers and profited from by them is clearly no accident.

Drag Queen Story Hour. St. Louis Public Library. It’s okay to be unnatural.

Queer Theory and “Cripping Incest Discourse(s)” (New Discourses, James Lindsay) “Queer Theory has no bottom. No matter how bad you think it is, it’s worse.”

ABCs not LGBTs: Battles over race, gender inflame Texas school board vote

Chicago’s Father Michael Pfleger removed from ministry over new sexual abuse allegations

In an interview with Vatican media, Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, S.J., said he believes Church blessings for same-sex unions, which the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has ruled against, is not a settled matter.

Incest and the Degradation of Our Vocabulary


December 15, 2022: Trump ‘First President to Come to Office Already In Favor of Gay “Marriage”