Now You See Him. Now You Don’t.

Who or what here is front and Center the whole time? And Who is casually picked up for scarcely a second, put back down and de-emphasized quickly, then passed around in what appears to be the real climax of liturgical intention, the act, it would appear, not of adoring His Real Presence, nor the re-presentation of the Cross of Christ on the altar, but the act of celebrating ourselves, “Community”?

Damian Thompson writes, “Arthur Roche permits this Protestant ceremony while calling traditionalists Protestants.”

Vatican’s new liturgy chief is ‘innocent of learning'” “…If he really knew how the Novus ordo got crafted, he might have a bit more patience and charity. Or, maybe not” … Continue

— Read: Ecclesial-Theological Implications. In the Most Grave Confusions the People Are Not Obliged to Know.

— Grave controversies and confusions aside, the Councils of Trent and Vatican II each affirm that in any case Catholics are obliged to know and believe the whole Catholic Faith: The Credo of the People of God.

2007 Dogmatics Clarified Yet Again

John XXIII, Benedict XVI and Francis

Traditionis Custodes. Reactions