Can Donald Trump Be Blamed for the “New” Errors and Temper of the Left?

Some prominent Conservatives seem to suggest so (updated):

For the Sake of Faith and Freedom, Please, Enough with President Trump.

By Kathryn Jean Lopez.
National Review.
June 10, 2022.

My heart sank earlier today when I noticed a press release about Donald Trump giving a keynote at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority 2022. I’m pretty sure I spoke at a Faith and Freedom Coalition gathering once or twice or more in my life. These were my people, and I’m sure some of them still are (until they read this post?). Although the Christian Coalition before it and the Faith and Freedom Coalition were majority-Evangelical enterprises, I generally felt welcome. (I do remember being at one of the Road to Victory conferences in the mid to late ’90s, it must have been, and hearing grumbling about Father Richard John Neuhaus’s presence, talking about Catholics and Evangelicals working together for life. He came to that position, by the way, after being a leader in the civil-rights movement as a Lutheran minister. Because abortion — and the genocide of black babies — is our civil-rights movement now.)

My heart sank because Donald Trump shouldn’t be headlining political conferences in 2022. Even just watching clips of the January 6 hearings (which is all I’ve managed thus far) is embarrassing and maddening. Why are Republicans still defending him? And more so: Why are Christian conservatives catering to him, even adoring him?

I have friends who worked in the Trump administration, for the good (I think of people like Roger Severino who worked on conscience issues, among other things). Obviously, there are Supreme Court justices who are on the Court because he was president and listened to the likes of Leonard Leo, who have been in the trenches for much longer than Trump has been a mainstay of Faith and Freedom Coalition types. Someone said to me in recent weeks: If the Supreme Court rules as the draft 40 or so days ago suggests, Donald Trump is going to run as the person who ended Roe v. Wade.

The end of Roe v. Wade requires fierce mercy and tenderness and generosity. It requires integrity. It requires someone whose first instinct was not to talk about criminalizing women. I’m all for converts and am grateful he changed his tune, but Donald Trump is such a polarizing figure — and he seemed to be fine with Mike Pence, who up to about that point was his most loyal and gratuitous defender, potentially being killed for refusing to refuse to certify the election results.” (Continues below)


SH: But is it all not more complex? As witness …


“(Did he think they would really kill him? I certainly hope not. But when you whip up a crowd to right what you say is a wrong, adults know there are consequences. And it would help to have adults as presidents, as a general rule.)

“Please, if there is anyone who has any influence over this man, talk him out of running. Make it seem like his idea. If you are a pro-life leader who supports him, please tell him how much more grateful to him you would be if he stepped aside for a new generation in a new era…”

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Full disclosure. I personally hope President Trump does not run again. We must acknowledge and should thank him for —and build on!— the truly good and important things he has done. But at this point, and as a political Independent, I think he should step aside for the good of the country. Temperamentally he is not the right man to continue the job. He is too polarizing; and this makes it too easy for the Leftist demagogues to become even more extreme. —SH


The Philosopher of Antifa by Dinesh D’Souza

Note: Full disclosure. I voted for Trump in 2016 for two reasons only. First and foremost he was Pro-life. Secondly, he was not Hillary Clinton. I do not think he orchestrated an “insurrection” against the government (an insurrection without generals, guns and helicopters?!) but I do not think he should run again despite the undeniable good that he has done. I do not think Donald Trump has shown the temperament to be President again. He has shown this again and again. He provocatively called his opponents childish and sometimes cruel names, made outlandish claims and even acted intemperately publicly towards his own Vice president on January 6, 2021 as his followers gathered in Washington. Rather, I would like to see someone with a very similar political and moral Platform run this time, someone with a calmer exterior in the face of oppositions. SH.

N.B. I only today (7.26.22) saw this discussion, almost a year after it was recorded. The opinions expressed here bear directly on much that was alleged by the radically partisan Jan. 6 Committee.

June 12. Former Attorney General William Barr’s important interview. And I agree in general with most of it, especially his balanced analysis of Donald Trump.

The Two Faces of Joe Biden.

— “Rewriting History“: Angst expressed at Yale University about the future of history in education. Prof. Carlos Eire and Kevin Xiao. June 11, 2022. I listened in rapt attention to this learned, ominous lecture. I think one possible answer into the future may be to form very small institutes of traditional learning everywhere. Even a revival of a new Red Schoolhouse program nationwide need not be only for children but can be utilized for lectures and even small radio / media, just as Left-of-Center Amy Goodman did with her real Firehouse studio (see Amy Goodman’s Empire, The Nation, May 23, 2005). We can do it too. And you can be sure people will support it. SH.

Whittaker Chambers Jr and William F. Buckley on Ayn Rand