Dr. Larry Chapp on McElroy and the Moral Theological Project of Pope Francis

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“Bishop McElroy is on record stating that the language of the Catechism on [rainbow theology] being “gravely disordered” should be changed to something more “inclusive” (whatever that means) and is clearly sympathetic to the project of Fr. James Martin.  

“He opposes the kind of Eucharistic discipline for pro-abortion Catholics like that of Cordileone and seems sympathetic to a kind of “open table fellowship” view of Eucharistic reception.  He is also an unabashed supporter of the more controversial aspects of the moral theology of Amoris Laetitia (more on that below)…

The Enigma

“… In an era where the Church’s credibility in the public arena has been fatally compromised by the rolling nightmare of the sex abuse scandals, Pope Francis should have (perhaps) taken this into deeper consideration before promoting McElroy, a man who was the face of obstruction, along with Cardinals Cupich and Tobin, to the efforts of the USCCB to pressure the Vatican for more transparency on the status of the McCarrick investigation.  Indeed, and let this sink in deeply, McElroy was one of a small handful of bishops who voted AGAINST a USCCB petition pressing the Vatican for more transparency and speed in the McCarrick investigation.  

I repeat: he voted against transparency.  Which marks him off as either someone who is: A) personally compromised himself in the McCarrick situation and who is seeking to cover things up; B) uncaring toward the victims of abuse; C) a Pope Francis sycophant who was simply trying to shield the Pope from criticism; or D) all of the above.

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