Should Pornography Be Illegal?

Sam Guzman: “The statistics on porn use are staggering. It’s pretty safe to say that at least one in two American men, and a growing number of women, struggle with compulsive porn use. And it’s no wonder: porn is easy to access, free, pleasurable (at least for the moment), and anonymous, making it seemingly irresistible and highly addictive…

“There’s a strong likelihood that if you grew up around or lived during the technological explosion in the early 21st century, you’ve been exposed to pornography. Researchers seeking to study the effects of pornography on the brain have trouble doing so for the simple reason that they can’t find anyone who hasn’t seen porn to use as a control group. In short, pretty much everyone has seen porn at this point. It’s that prevalent. Continue

Should porn be illegal
Matt Fradd and Matt Walsh

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[Imo, All pornography exists obviously to elicit lust. At the very least it should be placed behind pay walls out of the reach especially of children. Any government which allows it for free under the specious pretext of free speech is promoting it. ]

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Fear and loathing in America

The disarmament of the German Jews and of Russians After the Revolution

America was born of a grievous error, namely, a false view of “liberty”. It soon gave birth to the French Revolution — and to the Communists. Today that false view is coming home to roost.

Our Lord Jesus Christ said only He and His teachings could ever make us “free” where it counts (Jn. 8:32; 2 Cor. 3:17).

Update December 2022 J.D. Vance vows to ban porn nationwide

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