Anthony Esolen on Separation of Home and State

Separation of church and state? I can think of a couple of other things I’d like to see separated from the state, or connected with the state in only a slender and indirect fashion. One of them is the school. The other is the home. — Read it all

I remember. I was there. In Public School. The ‘Our Father.’ SH


The Irreducible Loneliness of Life On This Earth”

Dr. Martin’s compassionate meditation here reminds us to see and to reach out to others in our postlapsarian human condition from the foot of the Cross, as the Lord taught us. And to patiently bear our own loneliness which in some form accompanies every state in life, and is an ever-present part of the Cross our Lord asks us to carry as we await the fulfillment of all things that St. Paul speaks of in Romans 8:22-24.