Aquinas and Religious Pluralism: How to Engage without Sacrificing Truth.

Prof. Thomas Hibbs.
The Thomistic Institute.

Jan 26, 2022.

This lecture was given on December 7, 2021 at George Mason University.

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About the speaker:

Thomas Hibbs is currently Distinguished Professor of Ethics & Culture and Dean of the Honors College at Baylor University. He is the author of books including Virtue’s Splendor: Wisdom, Prudence, and the Human Good and Shows About Nothing, one of two books of his about film. He has nearly completed a book on Pascal, tentatively entitled Divine Irony and is at work on a book on Nihilism, Beauty, and God, an application of Jacques Maritain’s aesthetic theory to the arts of poetry and painting in the 20th century. He also has written on film, culture, books and higher education in publications including Books and Culture, Christianity Today, First Things, and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Thomists at War. Dante, Aquinas and the Dominic and by Dr. George Corbett

See also, Harmony and difference on predestination in Catholic theology.

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