I know a priest

…who kindly blesses each one us from the sidewalk when we come out of Church.

Or when we pass on the street.

Once when I needed to Confess my sins only to find it was one of those rare days when the church was closed and there would be no Confessions, he happened to be coming down the walk and, seeing me near the door, bid me to wait a moment. He then Confessed me on the street.

And after each Confession he unfailingly says, “I’ll pray for you, and you please pray for me”.

I once saw an old priest bless us all, each one, as we stopped our cars at a Boston intersection to let him walk past before the streetlight changed. Some of us blessed ourselves in return.

Sometimes the Church burns like a glowing fire. Sometimes the fire smoulders, as under an ash. But He promised us that as long as time lasts His fire can never go out.

Picture: catholica_romana. Instagram.