Moral Issues Related to Covid Vaccines

Trent Horn of Catholic Answers and Fr. Matthew Schneider discuss vaccines historically, the newer mRNA technology, and the medical and moral issues involved in the use of vaccines remotely related to abortion “cell lines”

Opinion: Sweden Won the Argument on Covid


Gifts Unexpected
By Stephen Hand

Stephen Hand’s novella, Gifts Unexpected, is a story about a broken young girl and the hermit-priest who saved her and others; it is a story which shows how even suffering and tragedy birth hope and redemption in those open to the gift of Being.

Gifts Unexpected is often a ragged chronicling of contemporary realities which threaten to extinguish our hope. With the same palette of honesty, however, Stephen Hand restores an arid landscape to a promise of health.
By undertaking the decencies that others have laid down, Father Joseph acts as human ark to keep others afloat until they can sight safer harbors. — C. O’Reilly

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