The Battering Ram

In Western Culture Christianity is Out…

Note: Most of us understand I think that it is important to distinguish homosexual persons from the elite ideological movements which serve as the vehicle of the totalitarian transformation of language, law, history, culture, institutions and nations in the West. Only the latter is to be considered per se repugnant to Christians. God alone will judge persons.

Herbert Marcuse interview on strategic culture and Neo-Marxism

…and on “Repressive Tolerance”

Promoting the Politics of Grievance: Antonio Gramsci, Cultural Marxism, Wokeness, and Leninism 4.0

Neo-Marxism poses as a movement which seeks merely to point out (very often allegedly unconscious) alienation from which it alone can save us. The Goose which lays the golden eggs is precisely the problem / enemy and must be sacrificed (not merely reformed) they insist if salvation is to be had. Only neo-Marxist rulers can be trusted to plan the economics of a fulfilling life, and so to that end they seek to do far more than merely point out alienation. They seek in fact to create and constantly increase it in all facets of Western culture by incessantly attacking (divide and conquer) and cynically rewriting all of Western history, while at the same time erasing the horrific real-life history of Socialism / Communism in the 20th century.

Free Market “Capitalism” has given even neo-Marxists every thing they use,love and know in the West. Socialistic economies are totally inflationary, invent little, rob working people by excessive taxation and deprive all of all choice as they engineer (or ‘farm’) what you are allowed to have of available items from month to month from the “planning” of the centralized top (to say nothing of values!).

Marxism doesn’t end well. We can certainly reform Capitalism and should! Corporations should be reasonably taxed and poor nations very seriously helped, unjust wars must end; but to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, or the spiritual ones, would be folly. I’d rather suffer Free Market indifferences or even neglect than Marxisms great variety of Gulags.


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